BOOK & CD Covers

Spitfire Combat History. Robert Jackson.

The Return of Hornblower. C S Forester

Piece of Cake. Derek Robinson

Very Special Ships. Arthur C Nicholson

the world of the Battleship

Feat of Arms. Ian Murray

Living to See You. Bee Johnstone

The German Invasion of Norway

The Gathering Storm. Geirr Haarr

The End of Glory. Bruce Taylor

RAF Central Band CD

Hullo Russio Goodbye England

The British Carrier Strike Fleet after 1

The Brirtish Pacific Fleet (paperback)

The Battle for Norway.Geirr Haarr

Ready for Anything. Geoff Puddefoot

The Naval War In the Baltic

War Story. Derek Robinson

No Room for Mistakes. Geirr Haarr

the Dawn of Carrier Strike. David Hobbs.

Hornet's Sting. Derek Robinson

Goshawk Squadron. Derek Robinson

Fighters over the Fleet

The US Navy and the War in Europe

The Royal Navy's Air Service (Great War)

Damned Good Show. Derek Robinson

British Submarines in two World Wars

British Aircraft Carriers. David Hobbs

Airlines of Asia. R E G Davies

U Boat Assault on America. Ken Brown

Black Flag. Lawrence Paterson

Armoured Trains. Paul Malmassari

Allied Coastal Forces of WW2 Vol 2

Allied Coastal Forces of WW2 Vol 1

A Splendid Little War. Derek Robinson

A Splendid Little War (paperback)

A Splendid Little War (Hardback)

A Good Clean Fight. Derek Robinson

U Boat Assault on America. Ken Brown