(Nearly all Commissioned Paintings)

Ireland royal visit
De Havilland DH.84 Dragon over the Medway
Bristol Superfreighter
Singapore Airlines Airbus A330
Short Solent. Tasman Empire Airways Limited
Airliners over Banff
Vickers VC10 British Caledonian
Lockheed Constellation KLM
Ford Trimotor. Pan American Airways
Airbus A321 British Airways. Heathrow London
Handley Page Jetstream first flight
De Havilland DH 34
De Havilland DH50
Boeing 747 BOAC
De Havilland Comet. Dan Air
Singapore Airlines 747
Douglas DC3 American Airlines
Fokker F.VIIIb
McDonnel Douglas DC10 British Caledonian
DC-10 Laker Skytrain over Midwest USA
British Airways Concorde
Concorde. Test flight rolling
Air France Concorde over Mexico City
Vickers Vanguard BEA. Over Valetta, Malta
Airbus A330 Air France
Boeing 737 Ryanair
Boeing 737.800 Ryanair
Boeing 747.400  British Airways
Boeing 737. Go over Stansted
McDonnel Douglas DC10 Laker Skytrain leaving Gatwick
Tupolev ANT20
Airbus A319 British Airways
Vickers VC 10 BUA
RJ100 British Airways. London City Airport
BAe146 British Airways. Jersey
Vickers Viscount British Midland
Airbus A319 EastJet. Gatwick
Boeing 777 British Airways. Chicago
Embraer ERJ-145 BA Connect
Junkers W33
 Bristol Britannia BOAC over Sydney Australia
Boeing Stratocruiser
Boeing 747. Lufthansa over Rio
De Havilland Comet 4. BOAC over London's dockland
Boeing 757 British Airways
Boeing 767 British Airways
Saab. British Airways Scotland
Thomson Boeing 757 departing Corfu
Vickers Viscount BEA over Gibraltar
Handley Page Halton. Berlin Airlift
Airliner 777 Emirates over Dubai
Airbus A330 Emirates
Antonov An124-100
McDonnell Douglas DC10 British Airways
Boeing 737 Easyjet over Nice
Boeing 777 British Airways
SIAI Marchetti SM 55
BAC 111 British Airways
Boeing 737 British Airways02
Boeing 737 British Airways
Boeing 757.200 Thomas Cook
American Airlines MD.82
Airliner A320 British Airways
Boeing 757 Monarch Airlines
De Havilland Rapide
Farman F60
ATR72 BRitish Airways
Boeing 747-400 British Airways
Boeing 767 Britannia Airways
Hawker Siddeley 748 British Airways
De Havilland Comet 4
Harbin Y12 Lao Aviation
Boeing 747 Virgin Atlantic
Airliner A340 Virgin Atlantic
HS Trident 2 British Airways
Boeing 737 British Midland
Airliner A320 British Midland
Boeing 757 Britannia Airways
Boeing 707 British Airways
Lockheed Constellation BOAC
Boeing 777 China Southern
De Havilland DH66
Boeing 707 BOAC
De Havilland DH.84 Dragon over the Medway