Anthony Richard Grenville Cowland is a Professional Artist and Illustrator whose initials argc are used in the name of this site.  From this Shop site you are able to purchase Limited Edition Prints and Original Artworks directly from the artist.

Anthony Cowland is a 'Fellow' of the Guild of Aviation Artists with whom he has won over 15 Awards including The Flight Trophy, FlyPast Fellows Award for Excellence, Winsor and Newton Award, Sir George Edwards Memorial Trophy, Alex Henshaw Trophy, Wilkinson Sword Poignard, Pooley Sword, Qantas Trophy, Roy Nockolds Trophy, Joe Latham Watercolour Trophy, Guild Medal. Tony has won a number of these awards several times! He has also exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists and is a Member of the Chartered Society of Designers. Anthony is also a 'Military and War Artist' having been invited to such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland (During the Troubles), Oman, The Falkland Islands, Kuwait, United Nations Zone in Cyprus and Germany. He has also travelled for painting commissions in the USA (East and West Coasts), Italy, Canada and Norway. Anthony Studied at Brighton College of Art and obtained a First Class Honours Degree.

Commissioned Artwork includes Architectural Illustration, Portraiture, Book Illustraion and Covers (Fiction and Reference books), Engineering Illustration, Ceremonial Paintings, Marine Art, Aviation Art, Exhibition and Museum Illustration, Equestrian and Horse paintings.

Other Awards include 'The Crown Design Prize', an ASAA Painting Award (American Association of Aviation Artists), Thorn EMI Award.

James Cowland has studied at St.Martins School of Art in London and is currently completing a Degree Course in Fine Art (Painting) at Brighton University College of Art. A multi-media Artist who is also a gifted Composer and Musician, incorporating some of his music in Artworks.

Richard Grenville is a painting name used by Tony when painting Marine Art. So don't be confused.... Anthony Cowland and Richard Grenville are the same person!!

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